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July 01 2013

2678 f232
beautiful, cute, girl

Image size: 400x265
8916 4a0b
Hot, OMG, beautiful

Image size: 500x688
2135 6c0a
alone, blue, crying

Image size: 300x250
6332 6693
alone, blue, crying

Image size: 300x250
5889 f2e6
Impress, bad, care

Image size: 400x518

June 30 2013

9553 fdcf
ahaha, amazing, art

Image size: 500x333
6500 b163
FRUiTS, breakfast, delicious

Image size: 500x500
6917 4963
Hot, Hottie, barbie

Image size: 400x266
4180 db2c
blog, breakfast, cheese

Image size: 640x480

June 29 2013

7986 7453
basic, chic, color

Image size: 960x540
4181 9c4e
black, black and white.white, boy

Image size: 500x669
7988 3ffc
basic, chic, color

Image size: 960x946
2568 e26a
alone, anorexia, anorexic

Image size: 500x281
0347 882f
Hot, boy, girl

Image size: 500x500

June 28 2013

5165 3c2a
Sunny, ahaha, amazing

Image size: 500x333
6555 1a89
ahaha, amazing, art

Image size: 481x463

June 27 2013

2536 ca6d
bedroom, morning, perfect

Image size: 500x341
2538 9fd9
amazing, awesome, beautiful

Image size: 500x500
9942 24fe
coffee, cute, heart

Image size: 400x278
4130 dc44
cupcake, glitter, lips

Image size: 500x368
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